India introduced new technology to deal with people who drive on wrong side

Driving on the wrong side has become a major road safety issue in India and is causing many accidents every day. The Government of India has introduced a new technology to combat those driving on the wrong side of the road. Recently a video from Raipur is going viral on social media. In this technology, a new improvement has been made in speed breakers.

To solve this problem, the government has suggested a new technology in which spring nails are installed in speed breakers. This technology has been tested successfully in many places and is already being implemented in many cities. So far it seems to be very beneficial because these spring nails are pointed and have been installed in the opposite direction, so that if someone takes the vehicle out of that breaker from the wrong direction, then either the tire of that vehicle will be damaged, Otherwise it will stop at that breaker only.

It has been constructed at many local places. Currently, this video is from Raipur which is going viral on social media. This technology will not only promote road safety but will also increase awareness among people against driving on the wrong side. This will maintain the spirit of the drivers to follow the road rules and will help in keeping the journey on the roads safe.

The viral video has been viewed by more than 1 lakh people and has also received around 600 likes. After watching the viral video, people shared many reactions in which many users considered this technique right, and many users considered it wrong.

A user writes, ‘The wrong side vehicles are menacing long jams, accidents, and many problems occur because of them.’

Another user writes, ‘This is also dangerous for humans because if someone accidentally meets with an accident.’

Another user writes, ‘Absolutely correct. A right person never goes from the wrong side, it is mostly government vehicles and unruly people who violate it, so in this case, it is right.

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