Inspiring: Poonam Chaudhry drives Auto to educate her kids, cure her Husband and feed her in-laws

Poonam Chaudhry from Jagdeeshpur has emerged as an emblem of women empowerment by not only shouldering her family responsibilities but also providing for her husband’s medical treatment and her children’s education. For seven years, she has been driving autorickshaw to feed her family members despite their dire situation.

After her husband fell sick, she took up the duty of a sole provider. For five years she drove carts and when she became financially abled, she bought an autorickshaw. Two years now she has been driving passengers from Jagdeeshpur to Bhagalpur to and fro after spending an entire day in the city.

Despite being socially shamed and ridiculed for taking over a “man’s job”, with courage she has kept moving forward in life. Without any aid from the Government or private organization, she became the pillar of hope in her household since 2015.

Difficulties of Poonam Chaudhry

When asked about the difficulties she faced in life, she said that hurdles are a part of life. They should not discourage a man or woman from his or her duty. One should not refrain from hard work because hard work is neither disgraceful nor criminal in nature.

Poonam further discloses that she learned to drive by closely contemplating drivers and later got her license. Everyday she would make four to five trips before she calls it a night.

Her husband is affiliated with a disease called “sunbehri” which causes numbness in feet and legs and finally leaves the person paralyzed. He has been suffering from a very long time but Poonam was exposed to the news a six months back. Her children are continuing their primary education solely because of her month – one in 5th standard and the other in 10th.

Poonam resembles what a sole woman can do without financial, familial or societal support. She comes from a background of no money, yet she chooses to fight the world for the sake of her family. She is not only a provider but also a protector, brave and determined.

We salute her for her courage and wish for her best in her journey. Follow The Youth for more news. And watch the video below