Samiksha Bhatia: A Source of Inspiration Through Struggle

Struggles happen in everyone’s life; some are big, and some are small. But everyone works hard and fights their battles. Similar is the story of Samiksha Bhatia, who has struggled since childhood and is at this position today.

Samiksha Bhatia is originally from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and qualified the Company Secretary Exam 2019 in her first attempt with All India Rank 4. But to reach here, Samiksha had to struggle since childhood. Today, she has reached this position.

After her grandmother’s death in 2005, everything seemed to be over

Samiksha’s grandmother passed away in 2005. After this, all her family, including Samiksha, felt that everything was over. Samiksha’s father had a shop, and that too went to her uncle. At that time, Samiksha’s parents used to work in a private job from which they got very little salary. Their household was run by this. At this young age, Samiksha started feeling that she had to work very hard in her life and give a good life to her parents. At the young age where children jump while playing, Samiksha was busy preparing for a big success.

I dreamed of becoming a CS while in school

When Samiksha was in school, she heard her father saying that after becoming a CA, a person can fulfill all his dreams. Since then, Samiksha decided that she would become a CA. But she met one of her teachers who told her that to become a CA, one has to travel a long journey. Therefore, she should prepare for CS and not CA. Even after this, she would still have a position, and she could make her dream come true.

Got a scholarship of Rs 30 thousand on 12th

Samiksha was very sharp from the very beginning in her studies. Due to this, she used to top her school since childhood. She also topped in 12th and got a scholarship of Rs 30 thousand. After this, there was no limit to Samiksha’s happiness. At the same time, she started preparing for the future, and now she has to achieve success.

Registered for CS in July 2016

Samiksha has been busy preparing for the CS exam since childhood. Therefore, she also registered with her own money in July 2016. After this, she started her preparations. Let us tell you, after registration, she gave the CS Executive exam, and for this, Samiksha used to study for 12 to 13 hours.

Challenge came after cracking the CS Executive exam

About 450 students from Kanpur had participated in the CS Executive examination. But only 3 children were selected in it. Among these 3, one name was Samiksha. But only 3 children cracked the exam; hence not a single coaching started the batch for CS preparation. Due to this, Samiksha had to face a lot of trouble and had to do self-study without coaching for about 2 to 3 months. After some time, she got a coaching center from where she started her preparation. Sameeksha had to face a lot of trouble due to the gap of 2-3 months, due to which she used to study for 14 to 16 hours. When her result came in August 2019, she herself was surprised.

Achieved All India Rank 4

Samiksha had worked very hard for her CS exam. She used to study day and night. When her result came, she was also surprised because only 11 children in the entire country had succeeded, and Samiksha was at the fourth position.

Struggle makes you stronger

Samiksha has worked very hard to achieve this success. Only then has she reached this point. The review says that you cannot win unless you fight. To win, one has to struggle, and struggle makes you stronger. Samiksha says that never let the mind give up. You cannot move forward with this. Keep your mind strong, continue fighting, and keep working hard; one day, you will surely get success. If you want to hear Samiksha Bhatia’s story from herself, then visit Josh Talks’ YouTube channel.

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