Mother kills man inside the court who murdered and raped her daughter

In some cases, a person’s role in history is so important that we can respect it for years to come. One of them is Marianne Bachmayer, who sacrificed herself in the courtroom for justice for her daughter. Marianne Bachmayer took justice into her own hands after her seven-year-old daughter, Anna Bachmayer, was attacked and murdered by a man named Klaus Grabowski.

Marianne’s story became so famous that a play, three films, and three documentaries were made on it. Marianne, who lived in West Germany, had a difficult life. Got pregnant at the age of 16. Had two children. There was neither money nor age to take care of. So she gave the children for adoption. At 19, Marianne married her boyfriend Christian Berthold, and they had a daughter named Anna. Christian Berthold and Marianne divorced, after which Marianne raised Anna alone.

In 1980, when Anna was 7 years old, she was abducted by a 35-year-old butcher named Klaus Grabowski while visiting his home to play with his cats. Tragically, Klaus assaulted her, ultimately strangling her to death with his fiancée’s scarf. This incident shockwaves of grief throughout the community. With the assistance of his fiancée, Klaus was apprehended by the authorities, leading to the commencement of his trial.

Grabowski was a registered criminal and had several prior convictions against him for abusing young girls. The news of the attack and murder shocked the community and left Marianne grappling with intense anger and an overwhelming desire for justice. As legal proceedings against Grabowski began, Marianne could not bear the weight of her emotions. There were significant delays in the court proceedings, and frustration with the legal system’s perceived slowness in providing justice to Anna led to Marianne Bachmayer taking the case into her own hands.

Marianne Birchmeier, driven by trauma from her daughter’s death, fatally shot Grabowski in court. Arrested for murder, she evoked sympathy as a grieving mother seeking justice but faced criticism for bypassing legal systems. Marianne Birchmeier was charged to six years, she served three before passing away at 46, buried beside her daughter Anna.

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