Only 8-year-old Kavita gang raped, eyes gouged out by Islamists, she is in a very critical condition

A horrifying and deeply disturbing incident has emerged from Pakistan, An 8-year-old Hindu girl was gang-raped and her eyes gouged out by Islamists. This incident has shocked people and exposed the cruelty of Wahbi terrorists who spread terror in society.

Kavita, who is eight years old, has unfortunately become a victim of an incident that is a shameful incident of humanity. This is the case of Umerkot, Pakistan, where this brutal incident was carried out. The innocent victim, an 8-year-old Hindu girl, is in a very critical condition. A post by Pakistan Untold shared a photo of the victim in critical condition.

According to the viral post, ‘Looking at the victim, it is clear that the rapists have literally scratched her entire face and even gouged out her eyes, just looking at it once is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.’ The victim is lying on a stretcher and is soaked in blood.

According to online reports, ‘The victim is bleeding continuously from her private parts. Doctors at the local emergency hospital have referred her to BIDS Hospital, where a gynecologist will examine her condition as she is bleeding continuously.’ This is a very brutal incident; seeing the condition of the victim, anyone’s soul should shudder.

The viral post has received more than 60 thousand views and more than 4 thousand likes so far and users are also shocked to see the post. Users are expressing their views giving various reactions and demanding justice for the victim.

A user writes, ‘This is horrible. Be it in Kathia, Jammu and Kashmir, India, or Sindh, Pakistan. Children should be protected irrespective of religion, caste, or creed.

Another user writes, ‘Majority Hindus are mute on this along with Global Left, Human right, NGO’s and nexus.’

Another user writes, ‘Islam is a terrorist religion it is very necessary to destroy it all must be united.’

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