Muslim girl abducted, gang raped by Maulana for converting to Hinduism

Recently, in a heart-wrenching case, a Muslim woman was tortured by her own family after converting to Hinduism. In this horrific incident, she was kidnapped, gang-raped, and tortured by her family. Therefore, she now faces the threat of being murdered by her family. The alleged victim has given complete information, shared it on social media, and is now demanding justice from Yogi Ji.

This is a story of extreme cruelty that will shock your conscience. According to the video, the victim woman, who once studied in the madrassa of the village, converted to Hinduism after seeing the realities of the madrassa, Islam, and the illegal activities taking place in the madrassa. After she back home, she proudly got Lord Shiva tattooed on her body. Once her Islamist uncles found out, they illegally took over her family’s ancestral land and brainwashed her mother for 14 years. After settling down and coming back to her mother, she came to Mumbai.

In February this year, she returned to her village to address paperwork related to her family’s land. During this travel, she was kidnapped by her uncles and brutally gang-raped inside a house. They also harassed her, condemning her for her tattoos of Hindu deities. She was paraded naked in a train. Later she was sent for training with four armed boys wearing burqa. Luckily, she managed to escape from their clutches in Delhi.

She reveals that the Maulana of the local mosque has allegedly raped several girls and is involved in trafficking. The victim has sought help from CM Yogi Adityanath, fearing the murder of her Islamic family. After the terrible phase that the victim has gone through, she is still living in fear. After watching the viral video, users have expressed their views and shared various types of reactions.

A user writes, ‘This is why it is the fastest growing religion. Training starts from home itself. ,

Another user writes, ‘Many Muslims know what Islam is but are afraid of converting.’

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