Black Money collected by ED to be distributed among the poor

In New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently had a phone conversation with ‘Rajmata’ Amrita Roy, the BJP candidate for the Krishnanagar Lok Sabha seat in West Bengal. Rajmata Roy has steadfastly supported and actively contributed to advancing religious and social welfare in Indian democracy. During their discussion, PM Modi and Rajmata Roy addressed issues concerning the underprivileged and exchanged ideas for the nation’s progress and development.

The PM told them that they are working on legal options that can ensure that the Rs 3,000 crore looted from the poor of Bengal is returned to those people through the property seized from the corrupt by the ED. The PM asked Amrita Roy to tell this to everyone. Amrita Rai is a member of the former royal family. He is in the fray against TMC candidate Mahua Moitra. A day earlier, Modi had spoken to Sandeshkhali victim BJP candidate Rekha Patra.

Who is Rajmata Amrita Roy?

Amrita Roy, hailing from the esteemed lineage of the Rajbari in Nadia district, is representing the BJP as their candidate in the Lok Sabha elections for Krishnanagar constituency in West Bengal. In this electoral battle, she faces Mahua Moitra. Affectionately known as Rajmata due to her noble ancestry, Amrita Roy is the wife of Soumish Chandra Roy, who is the 39th descendant of the renowned Rajbari of Krishnanagar. The family continues to command significant respect in the Krishnanagar region.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the BJP’s commitment to eradicating corruption from India, highlighting the contrast between the party’s efforts and the collective actions of corrupt individuals to shield each other. He affirmed that those engaged in corrupt practices will face consequences, underscoring the government’s resolve to uphold integrity. This reaffirms PM Modi’s ongoing pledge to combat corruption vigorously and his dedicated pursuit of a corruption-free India. Furthermore, it underscores the government’s unwavering dedication to assisting the underprivileged and addressing their concerns with compassion and determination.

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