PM Modi sends recruitment letters to 1 lakh women, congratulations on their jobs

In the last 10 years, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has undertaken substantial political initiatives, emphasizing its efforts to enhance the employment scenario in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently stated that his government has delivered 1.5 times more jobs than the previous administration.

Handing over recruitment letters to government jobs to over one lakh youth through video conference during the Rojgar Mela program, PM Modi criticized the previous government for taking an excessively “long time” to complete the recruitment process and said Bribery is encouraged. BJP aims to ensure equalization of prosperity socially and economically so that every person can participate in the development of the country.

The government, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, has implemented a time-bound recruitment process and introduced transparency in the hiring procedures. This initiative has instilled a sense of confidence among the youth, fostering the belief that equal opportunities are available to all based on merit and hard work. In a significant development, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for the initial phase of the integrated complex named “Karmayogi Bhawan.” This complex aims to enhance collaboration and synergy among the different components of ‘Mission Karmayogi’.

The Prime Minister further said that the steps taken by his government, be it the scheme for rooftop solar power for one crore homes or the massive investment in infrastructure, are creating a lot of employment opportunities. With over 1.25 lakh start-ups, India has the third largest eco-system in the region, and youth are launching new companies even in small towns, he said, creating millions of jobs.

To increase convenience and comfort for passengers, 40,000 modern coaches used in Vande Bharat trains will be manufactured and included in normal trains. Accusing the previous governments of not paying proper attention to the Railways, he said that now the entire sector is changing. Attacking the previous governments, PM Modi said, “They ignored the expectations of the common people.”

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