Rickshaw puller makes his son IAS by providing enough money, and his daughter-in-law an IPS

A rickshaw puller from Kashi has set a new example of struggle. Narayan Jaiswal, who pulls a rickshaw in Kashi, made his son IAS after a long struggle, his son is married to an IPS officer.

A Rickshaw Puller from Kashi has set an example for all by making his son an IAS officer. This is the story of Narayan Jaiswal, who has struggled through life and helped his son in the pursuit of the dream of becoming an IAS officer. The father-son duo has proved that with determination every barrier can be broken.

Hailing from a middle-class family, Govind was the youngest of his three sisters. He lived with his family in a rented room, where his father was the only earning member. He did his schooling from a government school in Usmanpura and graduated in Math from the government degree college in Varanasi.

Govind made his father proud by clearing the UPSC exam in his first attempt. However, it has been a tough journey. Narayan says that he has three daughters and a son. He lived in a rented house in Alaipura.

Narayan owned 36 rickshaws and gave all of them for rent. But his wife suffered a brain hemorrhage, due to which Narayan had to sell 20 rickshaws for her treatment. Eventually, Narayan’s wife and Govind’s mother passed away. At that time, Govind was in 7th class.

Overcoming all the difficulties, he managed to feed his kids and worked hard to make them educated. Govind also didn’t lose any hope, but he too worked hard.

Recalling those days, Narayan says that I myself used to take my son on the rickshaw to school. On seeing us, the children of the school used to taunt my son by calling him, “Son of Rickshawala”. Whenever I told people that I would make my son an IAS, everyone used to make fun of us, says Narayan.

Narayan further says, he sold all rickshaws for marrying his daughters. All he has left with was just one rickshaw which he pulled to earn a living. Govind never spent a huge amount to collect study materials and other stuffs, instead he managed to study with the books of his school library.

Govind realized the fact that he was not having any money backup nor any source for getting a job. He also knew that he was not made for a private job. So, all what he could do was a ‘hard work’ to acquire his goal of becoming an IAS.

“Anyone who can understand my hardships and circumstances will realize that I had no other option. Neither I could go for a lower government job as they are mostly fixed nor I could start a business as I had no money for it. I went for the option I was left with: worked hard on studies,” says Govind Jaiswal.

Due to financial constraints, Govind did not have enough resources to study for the UPSC Civil Services exam. He started giving mathematics tuitions and earned a small amount. Still, he was not getting enough to spend good days. Resulting from this, he sometimes used to skip his food and studied hard.

Govind is now an IAS officer. He has worked as an assistant commissioner in Nagaland. He was also posted in Goa where he held the position of Executive Director of sports. Govind Jaiswal current posting is in Delhi where he is Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Health, Govt of India.

He has now become an inspiration for many youths who dream to crack the UPSC exam. He has achieved what others dream of. Many people read his inspirational story and get motivated. Let’s praise him for a big achievement.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.