Girl tries to kick a boy, falls off the bike herself: Internet calls it “her Karma”

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s third law of motion gets an different social example.

A video is getting viral on internet where a girl falls off a bike while kicking a rider who was on another bike. The video was recorded by a dash cam of a car and gained reach in no time on the social media. The viewers found it very entertaining and termed ‘instant karma ‘.

The video starts when a man and a woman are seen riding a bike and other bike is also seen riding near them. After wards we see that the woman tries to kick the man on the other the other bike eventually loses balance and falls off the bike. The rider of the same bike keeps on riding without realizing that the woman has fallen on the road. After a while, on feeling light weighted, the man stops after few seconds.

The video was firstly shared on Reddit. The video was appreciated by getting ninety six percent likes and interesting comments. A user said, “who said karma isn’t real?” Other user said “instant karma.”

We have seen people facing instant karma on internet. though its is very often that we see instant karma in person and that too being recorded. The angle at which the video was recorded , users found the view quite similar to the mobile game, “the road rash.” The comment box was full of amusing out of which, the most amusing were, “wait, I remember , I used to play this when I was a kid, the road rash.

The video seemed funny but, the  woman would have hurt her. This kind of video , which is in itself is so much amusing , would have left that woman too in the site of laughing on her selfat what she did.

It is receiving thoughts of ‘you get what you give.’

What are you thoughts on this video and people reacting to it. Please do let us know and check the video if you haven’t checked it yet,