Journey from garbage collector to government job; Know the shocking story of Sandeep Kumar

Often, we see and hear different stories in our lives. But some stories play an important role in our lives. There is a story about Sandeep Kumar. Sandeep comes from a poor family. There is no atmosphere of study in such a family. In this situation, it is not easy to move ahead and travel from garbage picking to a government job. This journey was not at all easy for Sandeep either. He had to face many difficulties, and only then has he reached where he is today. You can also watch Sandeep’s story on Josh Talks. This story will bring a positive change to your life.

In his childhood, he used to live in the village. At that time, his parents used to farm. But the parents wanted their son to study a lot and make his parents proud. Sandeep’s parents themselves were not educated, due to which he had to face a lot in his life. After this, Sandeep’s parents brought him to Delhi for further studies. After this, they lived in a very small room and earned their living. Apart from this, after coming to Delhi, Sandeep’s father had to work as a laborer, and his mother used to go door to door doing household chores. But behind doing this, Sandeep’s parents wanted their son to become something after studying. But who knew that after going to school, he would develop a bad habit?

story of Sandeep Kumar
story of Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep got spoiled after going to school.

All parents feel that their children improve after going to school and studying with full concentration. Sandeep’s parents also felt something similar. But it was not like that at all. Sandeep was completely spoiled after going to school. His parents had no idea that their son did not go to school for study but wandered around with his friends the whole day. Sandeep’s company had deteriorated in school. Now he used to bunk class and go out. He always used to go here and there and pick up garbage. He had also developed the bad habit of smoking. After going to school, where Sandeep’s living condition should have improved, it got worse. Gradually, all these habits of Sandeep started deteriorating. He was always out with his friends, wasting time. Apart from this, Sandeep also got into the habit of gaming by staying with all of them.

Now people need money to do these things. Sandeep also started needing money. But he could not ask for money from his parents for these things. This was very important for Sandeep because he knew the condition of the house very well. On this, Sandeep’s friends taught him that if you collect garbage, you will get money from there, and you can easily meet your expenses. After this, Sandeep started doing things and pushed his life towards darkness. After this, gradually all this became routine for Sandeep. Sandeep used to go to school from home every morning, bunk there, go out, and then go home and sleep.

Sandeep was not aware that these things were spoiling his life. Whereas his parents come from the village to Delhi just to educate Sandeep. But now Sandeep forgets all these things and gets entangled in bad company. Due to this, he gets addicted to all the bad habits.

A big turning point came in Sandeep’s life.

There is definitely a turning point in everyone’s life. The same turning point came in Sandeep’s life today. Sandeep was once going with his friends, where he found a ground where a very good game was being played. When Sandeep went there and saw it, many different games were being played, which were actually a bit different. After this, he went there and started looking. After this, Sandeep went near the ground where his brother was. Sandeep asked him for permission to play here or not, and the brother agreed to play. Now it has become a routine for Sandeep to go to the ground every day and learn good things. Although Sandeep did not leave his old friends, he used to go with them too.

But gradually, Sandeep started not liking his old friends. He began to realize that by staying with bad friends, he would always deteriorate. That is why Sandeep left all those friends. Sandeep often used to go to the ground and play different games. There, he started getting appreciation. Apart from this, Sandeep started getting rid of all his bad habits. After this, Sandeep started feeling that he was learning something there, and he started getting respect in return. All these good things started coming to Sandeep.

Along with this, Sandeep also used to study a lot on the ground. The brother, who was on the ground, took a room and started teaching all the children there. After this, Sandeep started paying a lot of attention to math. Gradually, his interest in different subjects also started increasing. After this, Sandeep started preparing for his 10th and 12th. Sandeep often used to study in the park. When Sandeep completed 12th grade, he started working. After this, Sandeep’s ground brother told him that this would not work and he would not have to find a permanent solution. After this, the brother advised that your math is very good and you should prepare for a government job. After this, he started preparing for a government job, and today Sandeep is the Chief Cashier at Indian Bank. Sandeep believes that one should always be motivated to do something good in one’s life. Only after this can you do something good in your life.

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