Muslim lady leaves Islam after getting 3 Talaq, marries a Hindu man

A case came to light from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, in which a Muslim woman Shahana renounced the Muslim religion by marrying a Hindu man. Shahana said that after getting teen talaq from her ex-husband, she was continuously harassed for Halala. She endured ongoing harassment from Halala and opted to convert to Sanatan Dharma. Her wedding video has since gained widespread attention across social media platforms.

On Basant Panchami (14 February), Shahana from Bulandshahr, UP, embraced Sanatan Dharma after marrying Omprakash from Bareilly, renouncing her previous Muslim faith. She cited harassment and mental stress after experiencing teen talaq and being pressured into Halala by her ex-husband. Her friendship with Omprakash blossomed into love, leading to their marriage.

On the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami, Shahana tied the knot with Omprakash and embraced Sanatan Dharma. Their union took place at the Bhita Nath Temple within the jurisdiction of the Izzat Nagar police station. Shahana expressed that she feels like she has finally come home. Wedding photographs depict Shahana adorned in a radiant red attire, while Omprakash exudes elegance in a traditional Sherwani.

During an interview with the media, Shahana disclosed her decision to adopt the name, Sharda. She expressed that she had embraced a new religion along with a new identity. Frustrated with the practice of teen talaq and Halala, she has taken this step. The marriage was not done under any pressure. There was love between Om Prakash and Shahana.

Shahana said- I am a resident of Bulandshahr. I have come to Izzat Nagar police station in Bareilly to get married. Here I am marrying Omprakash as per my wish. Now my name is Sharda. I have known Omprakash for about 2 years. I met Omprakash when my husband gave me triple talaq. My husband used to harass me for Halala. Didn’t even earn anything. He divorced me and said that I have nothing to do with you.

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