Muslim doctor brainwashed my son and converted him to Islam, he is behaving abnormally: Hindu father recites the plight

Recently a shocking case of religious conversion has come to light from Faridabad. A Muslim doctor brainwashed 16-year-old Anshul towards Islam. The father says that the doctor has mentally influenced his son and pushed him towards Islam, due to which his behavior has become abnormal. A video of the father is going viral on social media.

According to the video, Anshul’s father says, ‘This is a case of conversion in which Faizan Ahmed doctor has brainwashed my 16-year-old son. He used to go to the gym with Anshul who lived in our society and he misguided him and made him study Karma. For a long time, Anshul’s behavior was quite strange, he started offering namaz and fasting when we stopped him and he became aggressive. Which is not a good thing, putting one’s career at stake for a religion that has no foundation.

He was given such organizations and links so that he could get in-depth knowledge of Islam. After convincing him, he became very aggressive and showed him such fake dreams that you would get 72 hoors, you could also go to heaven and if you didn’t, you would go to hell.

According to online reports, the father has taken legal action against the doctor. Faizan Ahmed is a doctor educated in Russia and he lives in the same Omaxe New Heights Society. The father said that his son was earlier secular, but due to the influence of the doctor, his mental condition has deteriorated. Their son is now undisciplined, and enthusiastic and behaves in an abnormal manner, which is causing trouble to the family.

There have been many reactions on social media in this matter and many people have strongly criticized the doctor. The post was shared by Trenii on Twitter which also includes a video of the father giving complete details of the case. After watching the video, users have shared many reactions.

A user writes, ‘Every Hindu parent in recent times is facing a tough task at hand. Watch over kids & their close friends circle carefully. Give them proper guidance & help them clear all misconceptions that culprits try to force on them. Take the help of religious gurus & Patashalas.

Another user writes, ‘This is why it is important to educate kids about how our glorious Dharm which our ancestors died protecting it and modern Hindu families don’t even educate their kids about the Sanatan Dharma and the evils of the society that are. determined to destroy Sanatan Dharma. ‘Wake up!’

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