This 18-year-old has become a multinational speaker today. Know the story of the “Wonder Girl of India, Janhvi Panwar”

Seeing the talent of today’s children is a different experience. Guess how they are all so talented. By the way, the girl whom we are going to talk about in this article today is a mine of talent. People in the country as well as abroad have started knowing this girl. Yes, in today’s article, we are going to tell you the story of Janhvi Panwar. Believe me, you will also be shocked to hear the story of Janhvi as to how such a small girl is so talented. You can also watch Janhvi’s video on Josh Talks’ YouTube channel.

18-year-old Janhvi Panwar does not need an identity today. With her hard work and dedication, Janhvi has made a place in the hearts of people in India as well as abroad. We often spent our childhood days playing sports. But today Janhvi has done something from her childhood for which everyone is crazy. From an early age, Janhvi was fond of studying and doing something big. Today, the result is that she is the “Wonder Girl of India”. Nowadays, everyone knows Janhvi. Not only this, but all the parents advise their children to become like Jhanvi. So let us know about Janhvi in detail in this article today.

This 18-year-old has become a multinational speaker today
This 18-year-old has become a multinational speaker today

Janhvi , who comes from a small village, is ruling everyone’s hearts today

In today’s time, Janhvi Panwar has proved all those people wrong who say that as per age, so is the brain. Janhvi’s brain really bears no resemblance to her age. Janhvi’s mind runs faster than a computer. But behind this, everyone has their own story and struggle. Even after doing these things, a person reaches their destination. Let us tell you that Janhvi Panwar is a resident of Malpur village in Haryana. The story of her life is different from that of all ordinary children. Where people jump around at the age of 10, Janhvi passed 10th in 10 years. At the age of 13, she passed the 12th examination with a first division. Nowadays, 18-year-old Janhvi goes all over the world and gives motivational speeches. Not only this, but today she motivates all the IAS officers and takes their classes. But this journey was not easy for Janhvi. That girl also found many people who wanted to make her fall. But no one can stop someone who has a desire to move forward.

She learned nine foreign languages at the age of nine

Often, people call Janhvi a God-gifted girl. But this does not happen. Janhvi has really struggled a lot to reach where she is today. Let us tell you that Janhvi has graduated from Delhi University. They believe that all of you can become masters in your field. For this, you will have to work hard. During this hard work, you will lose once. You will rise again, you will return again, and you will lose again. But after this, your victory will be certain. Meanwhile, people who criticize will come into your life and say many things, but you have to make that criticism your strength and work hard again. After this, success will definitely come into your life.

When Janhvi was 9 years old, she had learned nine different accents. Apart from this, even many big experts are not able to speak the kind of English that Janhvi speaks. This is one of the biggest reasons why she has been called the “wonder girl of India”. Apart from this, Janhvi speaks many languages fluently, which include Haryanvi, Hindi, British, French, American, Japanese, etc. Along with this, Janhvi speaks in nine different accents, which include British, American, RP, Polish, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, Norfolk, Cockney, etc. Not only this, Janhvi is also an anchor. You can watch them all on BBC News and CNN.

Gives a speech to IAS officers

Since the age of 13, Janhvi Panwar has been giving speeches to IAS officers and taking their classes. In this, Janhvi motivates all the officers and tells them that confidence is everything. Apart from this, Janhvi says that you can do whatever comes to mind that you want to do. Do as much hard work as you have to for this. Sometimes it will feel like you are losing. But there is no going back from this; always move forward. Surely this will definitely bring you success one day. Janhvi feels that everyone’s story is a roller coaster ride, and the experience is amazing.

Apart from this, Janhvi says that everyone can achieve something big in their life. But for this, first of all, it is necessary to set a goal and prepare a destiny for where we want to reach in the future. After this, you can become a successful person in your life. But here, people make a big mistake. People always set their vision as their target, considering their status. No one should ever do this. You cannot become successful in your life unless you have the courage to achieve something big.

Everything is easy in the world

Janhvi Panwar says that everything is easy in the world. Janhvi says that if you think in yourself and keep it in your mind that I have to do this work, then nothing can be easier than this for you. In such a situation, you have the courage to do whatever difficult things come your way. But understand that even the simplest task cannot be done by you; no matter how hard you try, you cannot do it.

I used to get taunted by people for speaking English

Janhvi Panwar’s life is also full of struggle. Then she became successful at such a young age, and Janhvi is known as the wonder girl of India all over the world. When Janhvi used to practice her English, everyone used to say to her, Why are you becoming such a great Englishwoman? But Janhvi always accepted those criticizing people as helpers. In this, Janhvi started thinking that they were all challenging me, saying that you cannot become an Englishwoman even though you are becoming an Englishwoman. Then Janhvi started speaking English even better. After this again, people started criticizing that the world speaks English and what is special about you. Then she felt that people started saying that now she has to do better than this. Then Janhvi started learning the accent. Now she speaks with nine accents. Janhvi believes that people are always helpful to you, even if they are not coming to criticize you. After this, when you achieve all the challenges and reach your destination, the same criticizing people come and tell you that you are very brilliant.

Failure is just an excuse

Janhvi always says that failure is just an excuse. When you fail once, you will get up again. If you fail again, you will get up for the third time, but no one can fail you again and again. You will be an experienced person, and experience is the only thing that will definitely help you one day, and you will do something big. By learning all these things, Janhvi Panwar has reached such a great position today. This is one of the biggest reasons why she is called to give motivational speeches in the country and abroad. Now such a small girl gives classes to all the IAS officers and motivates them to move ahead in their lives. If you want to hear all these things from Janhvi Panwar herself, then visit Josh Talks’ YouTube channel.

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