He grew up in poverty, now gives employment to hundreds of people

There have been many examples in the history that some greats have set up examples, reeling under extreme poverty, for the whole world. This is, however, no easy to come out of the clutch of obstacles and become a role model for the world. But the taste of success would be sweeter when you obtain it after encountering challenges being thrown at you. To understand it better, let us take an example of video game (which you must have played in your childhood)- you get pleased when you accomplish the mission in the video game after sweeping over impediments lying in the way. Surely you wouldn’t get the same pleasure, if you had instantly reached the destination without facing hardness.

This is the story of Hironmoy Gogoi- a village boy who grew up in poverty in a downtrodden village- Mothadung of Assam. Though his father had a job in the ONGC, however the family remained deprived of basic needs as his mother suffered from diabetes for several years and eventually kidney failure. The illness pushed the family into a financial loss. The family gave the best possible medical treatment to her, yet she passed away when Hironmoy was at a young age. Meanwhile he lost his elder brother in an accident. Such incidents would definitely pain anyone, and so did it to Hironmoy. Nevertheless, he utilised the pain he received from his life.

At the age of 17, he got into entrepreneurship. Industrial leaders termed this young talent as “one of the youngest entrepreneur in the world. With that, he became probably the youngest business leader in the North East region. Above all, he has won two national awards so far. And there is much talk of his upcoming book “The World Will Need You One Day”.

Hironmoy started a business of village food because he saw that his locality had adequate amount of vegetables and other food grains. Because of enough availability of vegetables, the villagers had to sell their produce at a poor price. Hironmoy wanted to change the scenario anyhow.

His venture, by the name of “Gaon Ka Khana”, was all about local food. He started cooking food at his family kitchen and supplying to different households from where orders were placed. Over time, his business expanded. Now he has established his work at some other location and is giving employment to over 300 people both directly and indirectly.

He says that around 15 lakh educated youths in the state are unemployed, out of which 8 lakh are from rural areas. He wants to see jobs in their hands. We, at TheYouth, wish him a better future.

Written by TheYouth team

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