Cancer survivor dedicates his life to save others’ life, travels 20,000km for the cause

Cancer is the deadliest disease in human history. Humans start panicking once they come to know that some near and dear person has been attacked with the deadly disease. There is a general perception that it can’t be cured at all and the victim is now a subject to death. So much so that even the victim suffers from immense stress more than the disease itself. Studies show several types of cancer have more than 50% surviving rate, if diagnosed at the right time. In this article, we are covering the story of a cancer survivor who did not only defeat the disease but went on a mission to raise awareness in the country.

Son of an advocate, Harteij Bhartesh is originally from Rewa (Madhya Pradesh). His childhood was spent in happiness and delighted clouds and did his schooling at a Kendriya Vidyalay. He was doing his graduation in law quite normally in Noida , until he reached the final semester when he came to know that he was under attack of cancer. Like other humans, he too got very disappointed but never lost hopes.  It was 2013, when was diagnosed with the last stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma- a type of blood cancer. The treatment started in May 2014 and fully recovered by December same year. He did not only successfully defeat the deadly disease but also launched a campaign to raise awareness.

Now he is spreading hopes among people that cancer can be defeated and there is no sense in worrying about it. To do so, he has been riding his bike state after state. He has travelled alone around 20,000 km covering 15 states of the country in about 5 months. He tells people on his way how one can overcome cancer and shows them ways too. He conveys a message that if he has survived cancer- anyone can.

“I want to convey a message to the worth along with those who are undergoing treatment of cancer that the disease is curable. We haven’t committed any wrong deed. Those who leave us in the lurch, owing to the reason that we are suffering from cancer, are not worth caring for. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, it is just our own cells that get triggered in the wrong way,” said Bhartesh to TheYouth

“The aim of my life is to make them (cancer sufferers) feel comfortable. They can reach out to me through various modes. I have witnessed the moment of loneliness; therefore, I know how it feels when people leave us behind when you need them the most. I just want to be a small part of their struggle against the disease,” he added.

In his journey across several states, he has met thousands of people by now. Many of them gave inspiring and motivational compliments. One gentleman told him that he is an asset for the country; he has to be careful of traffic dos and don’ts while travelling on road. The country can’t afford losing such a precious gem.

Now Bhartesh needs your votes to be amongst top riders, as he represents cancer survivors on bike. His moto is to encourage survivors and patients. Here is the link where you can cast your vote for him…