Kashmiri Pilot might become the first woman to fly MIG-29 Jet

Ayesha Aziz of Kashmir, who dreamt of becoming a pilot from a very long time, finally got what she wanted as she was given the commercial license last week. Now, she is on course to flying the MIG-29 Jet, which never saw a female pilot in the past.

“I want to reach the edge of space, for which we are talking terms with the Russian agency to fly the MIG-29 “, Ayesha said.

Picture Source: Defense News

“So, that is going to be the next expedition – to fly the MIG-29 fighter jet,” she added.

Female pilots haven’t received the greatest of encouragements from a very long time not just in India but across the globe, but many have kept trying and succeeded in having a wonderful career in this field.

Ayesha Aziz has gone one step further and is willing to be a part of the Indian defense Academy pilots, amongst the elite most pilots in the country. This really is a huge boost not just for all Kashimiris, but also all women in India who wish to become pilots.

After having lived quite a moderate life in her home town, Ayesha never really compromised with her and has said that Sunita Williams was her inspiration to get into this field. She was given the student pilot license from the prestigious Bombay Flying Club. In 2012, she completed a two-month advanced space training course at NASA. She was among the three Indians chosen.

Ayesha’s parents are from different backgrounds. Ayesha’s mother belongs to the Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir while her father is from Mumbai in Maharashtra.

“I am proud of her achievements. We want her to go higher and higher. She is my idol and she motives me, “, said Areeb Lokhandwala, Ayesha’s brother.

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