While girls of her age are busy doing TikTok videos, she completes PhD at 19

Some students, these days, never cease to amaze us with their capabilities. The aspiring minds set sky as the limit. They go about their business constantly come what may. This is why only very few are coming through with flying colours.

Meet Naina Jaiswal, who has become the youngest post-graduate girl not only in India but in entire Asia as well. You may call her a genius or a multi-talented prospect, who has made a real case for herself as the outstanding student.

Credits: The Hans India

She was always a cut above the rest and which is why she made an incredible record in several fields at such a young age. This is what sets her a class apart from most other students of her age.

Thanks to her parents who developed a great deal of interest in Naina Jaiswal in the areas of sports, arts, and music.

Naina’s mom and dad always believed that it is not that one should be inclined towards studies alone as it is more important to discover the extra talent in oneself which will enable that person to reach greater heights in the future.

According to a news report, she has been homeschooled for just 5 years by her mother before her dad took over the scene, who himself used to run a school which he later gave up to teach Naina how to be a super multi-talented girl.

Hailing from Hyderabad, Naina finished Class 10 at the age of 8 itself. Yes, you read it right!

She was only 13 years old when she graduated and became the youngest journalism graduate in the country. She did her post-graduation at the age of 16 and started pursuing PhD at the age of 17.

Interestingly, she has also played table-tennis and has won multiple titles in both national and international championships. WOW!

She also remembers all the 108 shlokas of Ramayana by heart. Besides this, the child prodigy can also play piano, sing and write with both her hands.

She also loves to spice it up in the kitchen as well as she has a profound interest in cooking. The best part is that she can make Hyderabadi biryani in just 25 minutes.

Her future looks bright as she is looking forward to marking her presence in the 2020 Olympics.