Why Lawrence Bishnoi is the biggest enemy of Salman Khan, quickly check out

Lawrence Bishnoi has emerged as a significant adversary to Salman Khan, repeatedly issuing threats against him. The recent incident of gunfire at Salman Khan’s residence, claimed by Anmol Bishnoi, has left fans bewildered, prompting questions about the root of the Bishnoi gangster’s animosity towards the Bollywood star.

Anmol Bishnoi is the sibling of incarcerated gang leader Lawrence Bishnoi. Lawrence, aged 31, has been implicated in various criminal cases including murder and extortion. Since 2018, he has been closely monitoring Salman, believing him to be culpable in the 1998 blackbuck poaching incident. As the Bishnoi community reveres the blackbuck, Lawrence is determined to exact retribution against Salman.

Salman Khan remains unproven guilty in the court regarding the black buck hunting case, while Lawrence has persistently issued threats against him since 2018. In an interview, the gangster stated, “The blackbuck holds great significance for the Bishnoi community. If Salman were to apologize at the temple, I would cease my pursuit.” Lawrence initially threatened Salman in 2018 during the actor’s court appearance in Jodhpur, asserting his intent to harm him there.

In 2022, Goldie Brar, a friend of Lawrence, confessed to the murder of Sidhu Moosewala. Following this, Lawrence sent a threatening email to Salman in 2023. Additionally, a menacing letter addressed to Salman’s father, Salim Khan, further escalated the situation. Consequently, Salman has been provided with Y+ security and travels in a bulletproof SUV. While the resolution of this dispute remains uncertain, it is evident that tensions are escalating due to personal and societal factors.

In the recent firing attack, according to the police report, the attackers reached Galaxy Apartments via Bandra Bandstand Road, both of whom were wearing helmets. He fired two rounds toward the balcony of the actor’s first-floor apartment, which was covered by a curtain. Another bullet hit the wall adjacent to the balcony, while two additional rounds were fired in the air. During the subsequent investigation of the crime scene, officials found five bullet casings and one live cartridge. Forensic analysis revealed that the attackers had used a 7.62-calibre gun in the attack.

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