Pak students in China requests PM Modi for help, said Pakistan can’t help them

As per a video published by Duniya Tak (Aaj Tak), which has gone viral on social media in no time, Pakistani students in China are crying for help and evacuation amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Pakistan, on the other hand, has refused to evacuate its students from Wuhan, the epicentre of the deadly virus.

Slamming the Imran Khan government, Students released videos on social media. In the video, students can be heard requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help and raising pro-Modi slogans ‘Modi Zindabad, Modi hai to mumkin hai’ and saying Pakistan government is not helping.

Pakistani students have released videos on social media after India successfully evacuated 647 Indian nationals and 7 Maldivians on two flights. In the video, several students have slammed their government for not rescuing them and crying for help.

Students have urged Pakistan government several times for evacuation, but Pakistan has refused their appeal saying that it is “good for the country and for the students there, too,” “ it will not evacuate its citizens from the coronavirus-hit Wuhan city to show “solidarity” with the Imran Khan government’s all-weather ally China”.

Over 800 students have made an appeal to the Imran Khan government to airlift them. “I am a Pakistani, and my name is Nadeem Abaz. I am making this video from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where more than 500 Pakistanis are stuck. Four students in my university were detected with coronavirus and they are in a serious condition in hospitals. So, we had asked the Pakistani government & the embassy to help us or evacuate us from here because the situation getting worse day by day,” said an appeal on social media.

Students are crying for help after seeing Indian students being evacuated from Wuhan. Students said, “Bangladeshis will also be evacuated later, but we are still stranded here and our government says we won’t evacuate you even if you die, get infected or are still alive”. “Shame on you Pakistan government, learn something from the Indians,” the student at a Wuhan university can be heard saying”, said Pakistani students

The virus has widely spread across China affecting thousands of people and claiming over 1,000 lives. Several countries including India, Canada, the United States, and others have already evacuated their citizens from Wuhan, China. By far, the virus has affected over 40,000 people and the total number of deaths on the mainland reached 1,016. 

Students are not getting food as the city is in lockdown. One of the students managed to contact the Pakistan government but his request was turned down saying that we cannot evacuate. Students are asking why the Pakistan government cannot evacuate us from Wuhan. These students are not the responsibility of the Chinese government, they are the responsibility of the Pakistan government. But Pakistan has decided not to evacuate its nationals from China

On asking whether India will help Pakistani students in evacuating from Wuhan, MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said on Thursday, “No such request has been received by us from the Government of Pakistan. But if such a situation arises and keeping in mind the resources available, we can look into it.”

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