Severe Torture: Elephant cries out in pain as Man keeps striking on its head

There is no doubt that poor animals have been experiencing immense torture by human beings who think he is the only living being to enjoy the resources, freedom and many more on Earth.

Humans can’t get any worse than this. Man can do anything tight from rearing a bird or an animal to slaughtering it for his own table purpose. But, he doesn’t realise that animals too deserve freedom and everything they want.

The voiceless creatures end up getting trapped at the hands of the evil humans who are greedy enough to kill them, eat them and make money out of them. This is because the so-called other living beings cannot protest against the killings or the discrimination against them.

Animals like elephants go through severe torture and abuse by their trainers. Elephants are dying because they are being tortured and still the district authorities seem to be doing nothing to stop the cruelty.

Recently, a shocking video capturing one such painful incident is going viral on the Internet. The elephant can be heard crying out in pain as per the video as it is repeatedly being hit on the head by its trainer.

The man whips the animal with a stick before the elephant keels over in pain. The elephant can also be seen collapsing into the murky river after the man whips the animal ruthlessly over the head.

According to the Metro, the shocking scene is from a Buddhist temple called Sasanawardena Pirivena in Mirigama, Sri Lanka.

The elephant named ‘Vishwa’ tries to shake the man off his back by beating his tail against the water. The man, however, continues with his beatings more than ten times, making the elephant cry and groan in pain.

Watch the video here:

As per the activist, Maneesha Arachchige, from RARE, cruelty, torture and severe abuse is part of everyday life in the captive elephant industry situated in Sri Lanka.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.