None is superstar in the family, yet they are richest family of Bollywood

The struggle of superstars in the Bollywood film industry always remains in everyone’s attention. Hardly any other field is considered so prestigious and rich as the many artists who have mastered the art of acting. But, here’s an interesting thing none of the richest families in Bollywood are actors or superstars, yet the net worth of this family is heart-stealing – around Rs 10000 crores!

The names of film producers and studio owners will be visible in the list of India’s richest personalities. The names of film producers like Ronnie Screwvala and Kalanidhi Maran figure in the list of the richest people of India. He earns a lot of money from films and other businesses. In the world of cinema, a family business can be even bigger than this, which is confirmed by the richest family in Bollywood.

Compared to the vast wealth of this affluent family, even the net worth of Bollywood’s biggest stars appears diminutive. With a net worth surpassing that of numerous film dynasties, the Kumar family, proprietors of the T-Series conglomerate, reigns as India’s wealthiest. According to the ‘Hurun India Rich List of 2022’, the net worth of Bhushan Kumar and his family is estimated to be around Rs 10,000 crores.

Bhushan Kumar, the heir to the T-Series empire founded by his father Gulshan Kumar, now leads the family business. Assisting him is his uncle and actor Krishna Kumar, who plays a significant role in its management. Bhushan’s sister Khushali has ventured into acting, while his other sister Tulsi has made her mark as a renowned singer. Adding to the family’s prowess, Bhushan’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar also holds a stake in the company. With assets valued at Rs 10,000 crores, they reign as Bollywood’s wealthiest family. In comparison, the Chopra family, proprietors of Yash Raj Films, boasts assets worth Rs 7,000 crores, with Aditya Chopra at the helm.

Karan Johar, the owner of Dharma Productions, commands an estimated wealth of Rs 2000 crore, while the Kapoor family, renowned as the first family of Bollywood, boasts a total net worth of approximately Rs 3000 crore.

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