61 year fitness freak loses 23kg weight, now he looks 38

Age should never be used as a measure of someone’s activity and motivation. A prime example of this is Dave Pascoe, a 61-year-old fitness enthusiast who has demonstrated unwavering dedication to his health and fitness. Through his commitment, he has shed 23 kilograms, effectively transforming his appearance and vitality to resemble that of a 38-year-old.

Dave Pascoe is a resident of Michigan. He was a retired network security engineer who is now retired. Dave, who beats age, is also considered a ‘Biohacker’ because he has discovered a way to reverse his aging. Dave takes 158 supplements daily. He wants to remain in good condition till the age of 95 and wants to live beyond 110 years. Pascoe says, ‘I never set an alarm and sleep until I wake up. However, I wake up before the sun rises. After this, 82 tablets including Deocalcium-D-glucarate and one Vitamin D-3 tablet were taken.

After an outdoor stroll or jog to soak up some sunlight, Dave heads home to hit the weights and refuel with a protein shake. For breakfast, he opts for green bananas and chia nuts, followed by a 45-minute rest. Dave skips lunch but snacks between 3 and 5 pm, considering it his dinner. His meals feature nutritious green veggies seasoned with garlic and herbs. Dave keeps it simple, steering clear of calorie counting and sticking to basic carbs like white sugar, brown sugar, and soda.

Dave Pascoe’s dedication to health and fitness serves as an inspiring example of defying age norms. His disciplined routine, encompassing a plethora of supplements, outdoor activities, weight training, and nutritious meals, underscores his commitment to longevity. By prioritizing holistic wellness over conventional metrics of age, Pascoe embodies the spirit of biohacking, continuously exploring methods to optimize his physical and mental well-being. Through his lifestyle choices and proactive approach to ageing, Pascoe challenges perceptions of what is possible as one grows older, demonstrating that vitality knows no age limit.

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