Pakistani Journalist came to cover World Cup, shocked to See UPI system of India

Pakistani journalists came to India to cover the World Cup but were surprised to see India’s advanced system. Pakistani journalists were very surprised to see the UPI system running in India because UPI is not used in Pakistan. He has covered a complete vlog in which people from the lower class to the higher class in India are using UPI and has shown the complete process.

According to the video, this is the biggest lie spread in the media of Pakistan. This is what is shown. It is being printed that India is poorer than Pakistan. But this Pakistani journalist has recorded something good considering the advanced system of India which he will be able to show to the people of Pakistan.

This is Pakistani journalist Abbas Sabir Ali. He came to India to cover the World Cup. But after coming to India, they saw UPI ₹ 1, ₹ 2, ₹ 5, ₹ 50 roadside stalls, vegetable men, rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, horse cart men. The guy was surprised when everyone was using UPI. Shocked because UP is not inside Pakistan.

The QR code facility is either inside five-star hotels or inside popular restaurants in Pakistan. When normal places are not visible, Pakistani journalists are completely surprised as to what is happening in India. These Pakistanis do not even know that India has been using UPI since 2016 and within India, you can go anywhere and make payment using it.

According to a Pakistani Journalist’s Vlog, he also records information about booking cabs and auto rickshaws online in his vlog, “Here every person books a ride through the phone. Be it auto rickshaw or cab, the system is very fast. You see, now we are sitting inside the auto rickshaw and this auto rickshaw has fixed this location in front of itself. This is not rare. It is very common here. Now if we are going towards the stadium, we will see this. He has fixed the direction. And the payment amount will automatically appear on their meter.

The good thing about this is that the Pakistani journalist who came to India did not look for India’s flaws. Instead, they have shown the positive aspects of India to their Pakistani audience.

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