Pakistanis shocked as India gears up to host 2036 Olympics- world’s biggest event

India has once again proved its struggle and potential to the world when it announced plans to organize the 2036 Olympics. It is being criticized that this announcement is a proud moment not only for the Indian players but for the entire country, which is preparing itself for the World Games. The organization of the Olympics is an important event for a large nation, symbolizing excellence and excellence in its economy, cultural heritage, and sports. Therefore, it is very important to support India’s preparations that come with this proposal.

Pakistani people are very shocked after seeing the heights of India, India is achieving new heights one after the other. First, the success of Chandrayaan-3 and now PM Narendra Modi has confirmed the country’s interest in hosting the Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2036. The people of Pakistan are shocked, as this announcement has made them wonder whether their neighboring nation is ready to organize such a big sporting event.

Some videos from Pakistan are going viral on social media in which different types of reactions are being seen for PM Narendra Modi. Muhammad Furqan Bhatti is expressing his views about India’s 2036 Olympics confirmation announcement through one of his posts. He says, “India got independence along with Pakistan in 1947 and today India has gone much ahead of Pakistan in that race.

He further says in the video, “There are many people in Pakistan and India who do not like Modi and call him extremist, but if we look apart from all these, the place where India is today is only because of Narendra Modi.” Because India has achieved all this during his period. We Pakistanis should be happy for the progress that India is making and give good wishes. Because if any country takes such a big step then it should be given special good wishes. People It is said that there is a competition between Pakistan and India but there is no competition because India is far ahead of Pakistan and even if India looks back, Pakistan will not be visible at all.

Similarly, a Pakistani couple, who are YouTubers and discuss new updates together, are also expressing their views while listening to the announcement of India’s confirmation of hosting the 2036 Olympics. He says, “If India achieves the Olympics in 2036, it will be a matter of great pride for every citizen, no matter whether India gets loss or profit from it. But the people of India will get awareness about different sports games.

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