Kashmir: Hindus recite Hanuman Chalisa at Lal Chowk probably first time since exodus

A heartwarming video from Lal Chowk, Srinagar has captured the attention of social media users, and its content is quite astonishing. In the viral video, it is claimed that Hanuman Chalisa is being performed at Lal Chowk in Srinagar. This Lal Chowk is the same Chowk that used to be the hub of Kashmir’s separatist plans and anti-national conspiracies against India. But after the Modi government removed Article 370 from Kashmir, the atmosphere here has changed. Hardly anyone would have ever thought that something like this could happen.

A temple at Lal Chowk is shown in the viral video. In this, many people are seen standing together on the roadside and worshipping. Hanuman Aarti is being played along with this. Besides, security arrangements can also be seen. This video is going viral on the micro-blogging website X. In its comments, people are praising the strict actions and works of the Modi government in Kashmir. People are saying that no one had imagined such a sight even in their dreams.

At one time the condition of Lal Chowk in Kashmir was very bad. It was impossible to hoist the tricolour flag here. But after the Modi government removed Section 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir, the entire atmosphere here changed. Now Republic Day and Independence Day are celebrated with great pomp and the Lal Chowk tricolor is also hoisted.

The viral video has garnered an audience of 30,000 viewers, generating a diverse array of reactions. Many social media users are expressing their admiration and support for Prime Minister Modi and his government. These responses suggest that the Hindu community in Kashmir is generally content with the leadership of Modi and his government.

One user, while commenting, writes, “This has become possible by taking some tough decisions now and some tough decisions are yet to be taken. It is possible that the Modi government will take those decisions in 2024.”

Another user writes “The positive effects of no 370 are clearly visible here “.

Another user writes, “We had never thought that Hanuman Chalisa would be read at Lal Chowk, it is only because of Modi ji that this has happened, the establishment of Ramraj has started.”

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