Meet Kislay Sharma from Patna, the man who provides free education for under privileged students

A research scholar and teacher from Patna, Kislay Sharma’s intentions to do something for the society is something which will certainly move you. He ain’t any filthy rich person in terms of what he’s earning, but what he’s doing for under privileged students deserves a lot of respect.

After completing Masters Degree in Mathematics from Patna Science College, he has brief stint in New York to complete a prestigious scholarship program. To add to his credentials, he’s also a fantastic cricket player, having played for the Bihar state team in the under 19 levels and also played many tournaments conducted by BCCI.


Despite having so many options in his career, he still chose a completely different path and is currently providing free education to many under privileged students, who are desperate for education but are lagging behind financially to afford good quality education.

That’s indeed a great initiative from Kislay, who has began a campaign by the name “Jagriti” to motivate all those students who are demoralized because of their financial status. He’s providing them free coaching for various competitive exams and shaping them into real gems.

“The main reason to do this is to provide education and guidance for kids who are from underprivileged section of the society” said Kislay to The Youth. “In patna there are various coaching classes and tutorials for students,” he added.

“Most of the institutions charge a heavy fee and that I feel is one of the biggest reasons behind the steady decline of education standards in Bihar. To add to it, the quality of teaching is also below par, doing nothing good for the society.” opined Kislay.

Kislay also mentioned that he wants to help the society in some or the other way and hence, he started “Jagriti” alongside his inspiration, his father Dr. V.B. Sharma. Dr. V.B. Sharma is also a part of “Jagriti” and he teaches physics whilst his son Kislay teaches Mathematics.

Kislay alongside Dr. K.C. Sinha(On the left)

Taking inspiration from his mentor and famous Mathematician Dr. K.C Sinha, Kislay wishes to expand his campaign and help as many students as possible. He also said to “The Youth” that he wishes to begin coaching for various entrance exams in Banking sector as well in about an year or less.

Where do we find such people these days, who put all their career aside to help the needy. These are the kind of people who restore our faith in humanity and inspire us to do something good for this country’s students, because they will be the future citizens of this country.

We at the Youth want everyone to know what he’s doing for under privileged students so that as many as possible can benefit from this wonderful campaign. To get in touch the man himself, Kislay Sharma, mail him on [email protected] and know more about the initiative.

NOTE: The Youth doesn’t promote any fake news and we verify everything before publicizing. We have verified all the data documents of Kislay Sharma and there’s no need to worry about his credentials. 

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