Father was an auto rickshaw driver, son cracked India’s toughest IIT JEE Advanced

Great aspirations lead to great hard work and great hard work paves way for some astonishing and inspiring stories. 18 year old Nitin Diwakar from Mumbai is a great example of the phrase used above as his years of hard work are about to get paid off.

Picture Source: Hindustan Times

Nitin Diwakar is one of those millions of Indians who dream of getting into the Indian Institute of Technology but what separates him from those millions is that he’s about to get his dream fulfilled, unlike many.

Nitin’s father is an auto rickshaw driver in Mumbai, whose earnings are not considerably high. But that didn’t effect his dreams and aspirations and the student from TP Bhatia College in Kandivali, he also got help from a coaching institute in the city to prepare for the exams free of cost.

He needed to score well in the joint entrance exam and he did exceedingly well, by grabbing a whopping 884th rank in General category, which will do a world of good for the youngster, who puts IIT Bombay as his first priority, followed by IIT-Delhi.

“I intend to get into the mechanical engineering department of IIT-Bombay. IIT-Delhi is my second option. I have worked hard for this and hope everything falls in place. My family has always been supportive of my dreams and encouraged me. I’m glad they never gave up on me” said Nitin.

Nitin also managed to get a splendid 88% in the HSC examination conducted for 12th grade students. Apart from all these, he also is a sports fanatic and claims that he never leaves an opportunity to get onto the badminton court of cricket field.

“I love playing badminton and cricket. No matter how much I study, I always take time out for sports,” he added. This indeed is wonderful isn’t it? His parents must have seen many dark days in the city of dreams over the years, but their son getting into one of the biggest colleges in the country will only enhance their life, which like every parent in the world, they rightfully deserve.


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