Upendra Rana, a young and rising motivation for Youth

To earn triumph, you urge for focus, hard work and motivation, where we comply that you must be patient enough to be successful. On the other hand, not everyone has to wait for so long, as we have an adage that “Hard work is key to success”.

Upendra Rana, Founder & CEO of Make Your Brandz, solitarily started his firm with an expenditure of Rs. 20,000 at Sahibabad, Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. He was raised up in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh, from where he relocated to Ghaziabad to pursue his higher studies, i.e., BCA and MCA.

Upendra was never good with technologies, as he had no exposure to computers and technical studies till Class 12th due to which he dealt with many obstacles in his higher studies, competing students who were excellent with technology. After completing his degree, he got a job with Rs 6,500 per month, which was not gratifying at all for a post- graduate person. Also, he had to work for 2 months without getting paid for his work and he got thwarted due to this, after which he started engrossed about a new venture, which was a great idea by his wife “Shaily Tomar”. He initiated searching books on SEO as he wanted to skill himself in web jobs to find some relief from frustration and negativity. He noticed that all the authors who have written books on SEO, are from different countries than India.

Source: The Bug

This is where his mind took a turn with a blasting idea and he wrote 8 books on SEO and SMO so far. He became a writer at the age of 25 years, where the acclaimed writer of 8 books in age of 26 years, and an Entrepreneur at 27 years. This is not an end though; he also owns his own digital agency. He did not take any support from his parents.

He also gives teaching lessons about digital marketing in Institutes.

You have seen him in newspapers, regional or national TV channels. He also got interviewed by Radio FM 90.4, Program name: SALAM NAMASTE.

He has achieved many awards in this small age, where he was awarded with “First Indian Writer” award on January 26,2016, “Hunar se Kadra Tak” award by FM 90.2

on June 6,2017, “The Human Excellency” award on April 28, 2017 and many more.

This was all about his attainments eminent far and wide, let me uncover one secluded talent of Mr. Upendra Rana, who is an exceptional Crooner too.

Well, don’t raise your eyebrows, he is very ardent for singing and has a very pleasing vocal. Before, he did not accredit that he can sing, but the encouragement he got for this expertise was his sister- in- law, Ms. Ankita Singh. Ankita positively bolstered him in determining his passion towards singing, where we have few Ghazals intoned by Mr. Rana on youtube too but we would like to request him to upload more.



Shipra is a professional writer with theyouth.in. She has completed her MBA in International Business and Finance but her passion for writing brought her here . Follow on twitter @Shisinghdh