North Korean Mother faces prison for not rescuing Kim family portraits

An unexpected raging fire broke out in Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province, near the Chinese border where two families were in huge trouble. In a bid to escape themselves from the disaster, mother sprung into action and rescued the lives of her two children. But unfortunately, the country’s weird priorities could mean a jail term for a mother.

During an emergency situation, she reportedly saved two of her children from a house fire but she could not save the portraits of the Kim family- Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. She is now under investigation by North Korea’s Ministry of State Security.

While the parents were not there at that time, they immediately rushed back to save their family members after knowing about the fire. In the process, one set of Kim family’s portraits was destroyed, reports Daily Mail.

Usually, North Korea asks its residents to showcase paintings of its past leaders namely Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, and even sends police inspectors to ensure that is actually done.

The Hermit Kingdom’s laws also demand that all the portraits of Kim’s family to be treated as living humans, meaning that failure to take care of Kim’s portraits is labelled as a crime.

If the mother is found guilty then she might have to serve a long prison term with hard labour. Due to the ongoing investigation, she cannot even see her children who are admitted to a hospital.