Hyderabad Man spends his salary, sets world record of serving food to 1000 hungry stomachs

In the past 2 decades, India has seen significant growth with a population of over 1.3 billion. Food gain production has doubled up almost two times. There is plenty of food in our country yet the poor are starving. Despite having so many resources to boost industrial and economic growth, the nation still has nothing to show for people starving day in day out.

According to a survey, 190.7 million people go hungry every day, 3,000 children die every day from poor diet-related illness in India. It is no surprise that “Rich are getting richer and Poor are getting poorer”. It is difficult to explain the conditions of poor people who can’t afford to buy food and thereby they fail to meet the caloric demands of the body.

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Day by day, their stomachs keep growling but they are left with no other option as they survive somehow eating from garbage. Celebrities on TV channels claim that they are donating a whopping amount to the poor and needy, but on the ground level, the truth is different.

Meet Gowtham Kumar, founder of Hyderabad-based NGO named “Serve Needy”, got himself included into Universal Book of Records for serving food to more than 1,000 people and that too in a single day.

Mr Kumar who is on a significant mission, accomplished the target after he served food to more than 1,000 hungry stomachs at three different places. First, he served food at Gandhi Hospital, then at Rajendra Nagar and finally at Amma Nanna orphanage home in Chowtuppal.

The prestigious award was presented by ‘Universal Book of Records’ India representative KV Ramana Rao and Telangana representative TM Srilatha.

Talking to news agency ANI, Mr Kumar said, “I started Serve Needy organisation in 2014 and now we have around 140 volunteers. We have been doing these types of social activities since 2014. But today, I have served food to more than 1,000 people single-handedly. So, it was a world record.”

“Universal Book of Records has given me the certificate for the same. My organisation’s main motto is ”No one deserves to die like an orphan when our organisation is there”. We are expanding our organisation so that no one will die in hunger. We are expecting help from others and the government to help more people,” he added.

Chaithanya G
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