This is how TheYouth team helped four youths who are doing wonder for society

The Youth was founded to voice for youths of the country. Our sole responsibility is to bring to light the issues which are in interest of youths, as the mainstream media of the country often neglects and highlights issues which don’t matter to us, as well as to the country. Our media often remains busy covering slugfest between political parties, turning a blind eye to a bulk of important issues in the country.


Needless to say, media is the fourth pillar of a democracy; however it is not performing its duty honestly. There starts the role of The Youth to fulfil the gap created by both print and electronic media.


We are delighted to tell you that we are succeeding in our mission day by day. Recently TheYouth covered a story of four young engineering students- Rohit Saikia, Abhinav Gogoi, Debankar Saikia and Jiban Dihingia-

from different cities of Assam who met at their college (Jorhat Engineering College). When they saw the condition of Indian artisans, smiths, potters, craftsmen, they decided to do something to alter the scenario. Hailing from middle class families, they had no money to help them financially. But they desperately wanted to assist them in all possible ways.

Rohit Saikia and Abhinov Gogoi meeting Mr. Murty at the SBI headquarter

After a well thought-out plan, they established a market by the name of EthnoShopping, where they buy and sell stuffs made only by local artisans (and they don’t sell stuffs made by foreign companies). Their initiative gave an opportunity to the artisans and craftsmen who had no work left in their life and they had lost all their hopes. But because of these students, they got a chance to earn from their traditional occupation. Many poor artisans are now earning a handsome amount only because of these four students. Above all, they also donate a big chunk of their profit to poor artisans to change their situation. Of course, they haven’t changed the life of all artisans of India as they have their own financial problem, but whatever they have done is praiseworthy.


Despite their amazing work, the media did not bother to give coverage to these youths, as they were busy with political fights at Delhi University at that moment. We, at TheYouth, covered their story. When Pvsln Murty- the CGM of the State Bank of India of North East region, read their dedicated job to the society, on our official website, he himself contacted and invited them to the SBI head quarter. When the students approached his head quarter, he assured them of sponsoring their work. The Youth is now pleased that the students got financial help from the SBI and they will now be able to expand their work to help maximum local craftsmen. We thank all of you.