Story of Kavita Faman, who bagged 1 crore job in Canada, let’s share this story

Kavita Faman, a final year student of MSc Agriculture (Agronomy) has been the talk of the town for earning a massive job package of Rs 1 crore. She is a student from an Indian university and achieved a major milestone in the agricultural field.

The massive package was offered to her by a major Canadian agriculture firm. Faman has been commissioned with the role of Production Manager. She is looking forward to supervising the manufacture of agrochemicals when takes charge at Manitoba office later this month. She will get paid a Rs 1 crore a year for her efforts.

Credits: IndiaTimes

Faman bagged the massive salary and the valuable job offer was made by judging preliminary test result as well as interviews conducted by the company’s officials, both of which she came through flying colours.

“Agriscience is at the cusp of technology led disruption,” Faman said about her new posting. “From innovations in biotechnology to the usage of data science, the field is embracing the latest technologies and Monsanto is at the forefront of it. I am extremely excited to join the company and will strive to absorb as much as I can over the next few years.”

Based on the opinions by Loverly Professional University’s School of Agriculture Dean, Dr Ramesh Kumar, Faman is one of their brightest stars to have ever gone through the program.

“This proves that there are massive career opportunities in agriculture for those who are willing to learn and work hard,” he said. “We hope to see more students following Kavita’s footsteps in the future.”

The school itself is rated as one of the best agro institutes in the country. As a practical experience, they even have farmland spread across 1,000 acres so that students can deftly carry out their research.