When people in Pakistan asked to choose their favorite leader, they picked Modi, rejected their own Prime Minister

In a recent interview where a journalist is seen assessing the contrasting views of the people on who is a better prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi of India or Shehbaz Sharif of Pakistan, most of them favor the former.

Modi in Pakistan

On being asked for their opinion, the public believes that Modi has always strived for the progress of his community. Modi has retained his power of position by bearing all obligations towards his country. He stands “neutral” on being objected to as “religiously biased” and devoted his life to the welfare of all communities in India.

But Minister Shehbaz is being shammed for “stealing” from his people. He is said to have filled his stomach by keeping his people hungry. He never imagined he could fill the shoes of a PM and therefore cannot deliver his responsibility adequately.

He is a witless poser for the camera, even his opinions and views are unreasonable. He has often disgraced his country on television compared to how films made in India, news channels and respected powerful personas never humiliate their motherland.

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