Video shows how Bank employees may steal your money from note bundle

Customers should always be cautious in bank transactions. Most people avoid counting the money while withdrawing cash in bundles from the bank. But do you know, that this kind of carelessness can be very harmful to you? A viral video circulating on social media illustrates the theft of notes from bundles, serving as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance in such matters.

In a viral video, someone skillfully removes a note from a stack of cash using only a pen. It’s alarming how effortlessly notes can be taken from bundles in this manner. By using the hook of the pen cap to grab onto a note and gently rolling it, the note easily removed from the bundle of cash, and without opening the seal. It serves as a reminder to always double-check your cash after withdrawing from the bank, as this type of fraud is becoming increasingly common.

The video has been shared by Mohammad Yasir on Instagram. The viral video has received 51 million views and 500k likes. After watching the video, users are quite shocked and are sharing various types of reactions.

This video serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance when handling money transactions, especially in today’s digital age where fraudsters are constantly devising new methods to deceive unsuspecting individuals. It underscores the necessity for customers to be proactive in safeguarding their finances by diligently counting their cash after withdrawing it from the bank. As technology advances, so do the techniques used by criminals, making it imperative for individuals to stay informed and alert. Sharing such videos can raise awareness and empower people to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from falling victim to such scams.

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