Hats off! Kerala has High Tech classrooms in all Public schools

Kerala is always inclined to providing high-quality education. Today, Kerala has scripted history by becoming the first state in India to have high tech classrooms in all their public schools. Kerala has some of the best public schools in India. The state government has been splashing the cash on educational infrastructure over the past few years.

As per Kerala government, it has invested as many as Rs 493.50 crore for the hi-tech school project for secondary schools. The government invested Rs 300 crore hi-tech lab project for primary schools as well.

Hats off! Kerala has High Tech classrooms in all Public schools
Kerala school

All 16,000 public schools in Kerala are now equipped with 374,274 IT equipment. The schools have 119,055 laptops, 69,944 multimedia projectors, 100,473 USB speakers, 23,098 projector screens, 43,250 mounting kits, 4,545 LED TVs, 4,578 DSLR cameras, 4,720 full HD webcams including 4,611 multi-function printers. In addition, the classrooms are equipped with high-speed broadband internet connectivity to 12,678 schools.

“Kerala has become the first state to have high-tech classrooms in all public schools”, giving a huge boost to the education sector, Vijayan said.

The government took keen interest in offering education and presented before the world. “a Kerala model of education for our future generations,” he added.

“Now, all the children in the state have access to the opportunity to learn and grow with the help of advanced learning systems. It’s a proud achievement for the state,” the chief minister said.

A data released by the government shows that Kerala is the best-performing state for the education of girls. A survey named Household Social Consumption: Education was published by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) in January 2020 has named Kerala as possessing the highest age-specific attendance ratio (ASAR) for women including urban and rural areas from the pre-primary level to pre-university education.