Modern youths have made it trend to use leaf plates, replacing plastic articles | we salute them

We don’t really hesitate to throw the waste on the floor but we blame the government for no reason. The problem is not the government or politician but it is you! The problem wouldn’t have started if you had disposed of the garbage to the dustbin. Even after so many awareness campaigns, people still haven’t learnt to keep the surroundings clean.

However, productive steps are even being taken on local levels in a bid to reduce the use of plastic or completely replace plastic.

Twitter handle by the name of @Savi_IFS shared some pictures of banana leaves being used as effective bowls and containers for food. The images are doing the rounds on the internet, however, some comments on this tweet suggest that these images are originally from Thailand.

However, each one could be from a different place, including India.

“Good news. Plastic being replaced by traditional food packaging options dt r healthier & environment-friendly,” a user wrote.

Needless to say, a fair number of people stepped forward and offered their contacts and offering to be suppliers of such containers. One user tweeted a picture of using leaves to wrap food items with the caption that reads: ‘We use it for our packaging and delivery through flight to ITC Hotel in Kolkata from Guwahati’.

A few days ago, Kiren Rijiju had shared a video from the North East, which showed a local vendor using the leaves instead of single-use plastic polythene to wrap fish at the market.

“PM @narendramodi has told us not to use plastics so we are using local leaves because plastics are no more available. A local meat vendor at remote Tirbin, Lepa Rada Dist, Arunachal Pradesh,” Kiren Rijiju wrote.