India to build the world’s biggest renewable energy project, using state-of-the-art technology

Gautam Adani is going to take a very important step for India, which is very beneficial for India. Billionaire Gautam Adani revealed his ambitious plans to transition away from coal and transform his conglomerate into the world’s leading solar power company by 2025 and the largest renewable energy corporation by 2030. This transformation will be achieved by a robust strategy of rapidly expanding their capacity in these sectors. Gautam Adani’s green energy initiatives aim to transform India’s future.

Gautam Adani has said that Adani Group is building the world’s largest hybrid renewable energy park right in the middle of the desert in Khavda, Gujarat. “This will be our most complex and ambitious project to date. The project, spanning across 72,000 acres, aims to produce 20 GW of clean, renewable energy. Our goal is to complete it at an unprecedented pace, surpassing the speed of any project in our track record.”

According to the Adani Group Chairman, the company’s operational renewable energy portfolio has grown by 49 percent to over 8 GW and is the largest operational renewable energy portfolio in India. “We are committed to generating the most cost-effective environmentally friendly energy on a large scale, and I want to emphasize our goal of achieving 45 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2030,” he stated.

He also said that Adani Group is ready to play a key role in India’s net zero journey, and Adani Green Energy Limited has launched the world’s largest hybrid solar-wind project of 2.14 GW in Rajasthan.”In the coming decade, India is poised to contribute an additional trillion dollars to its GDP approximately every 18 months.”

This will put us on the path to becoming a $25 to $30 trillion economy by 2050 and take India’s stock market capitalization to more than $40 trillion — about a 10-fold expansion from the current level, Adani said. He also pointed out that Adani Group’s balance sheet, assets, and operating cash flows continue to strengthen and are now healthier than ever.

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