Muslim daughter leaves Islam after getting raped by her own father Saleem khan for years

A father raped his own daughter. As the daughter grew up, she realized that her father was doing wrong with her. The girl left her Islam religion and married a Hindu boy. The girl herself is telling her story in a video and that video has gone viral on social media. The father-daughter relationship is often regarded as a precious and sacred bond, built on love, trust, and understanding. However, in the case at hand, this girl’s father has committed a profoundly terrible and unforgivable act, casting a dark shadow over their once cherished connection.

As per the video, the girl reveals her father’s name as Sahil Khan. Her father was having physical relations with her since childhood. As the girl grew up, she understood that her father does a lot of wrong with her. She left Islam because women, including sisters and daughters, were not respected there. She has converted to the Hindu religion by marrying a Hindu boy. Her joy at coming to this religion is because she gets respect. She hated his father.

The girl’s father Sahil Khan is not happy with this relationship, he said that even if the girl gets married to a disabled person, she will not marry a Hindu boy. In the same video, the girl’s husband talks about her father-in-law, who did not want to get her married. Keeping himself first and then someone else.

The girl believes that the religion in which there is no respect for a daughter, daughter-in-law, or girl, that religion is useless. A father who cannot leave his daughter can do anything wrong with any girl.

Further in the video, he speaks for Seema Haider, unnecessarily giving popularity to this woman. She is doing very useless work; she should not be given popularity.

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