Ujjain: Muslim professor allegedly attempts to convert Hindu students to Islam

Recently, a shocking case has come to light from Vikram University, Ujjain. Students accused Professor Mohammad Anees of attempting to convert Hindu students by promoting Namaaz, Ramzan’s importance, and Islam in his class. He is also accused of misbehaving with the college students. Bajrang Dal activists held protests, the videos of which are going viral on social media.

According to other sources, Hindu students claim that they are discriminated against compared to Muslim students, Hindu students get lower marks, which indicates deliberate discrimination. If a Hindu student wears a religious Kalawa or Tilak, objections are raised, but no objections are made against Muslim girls who wear Hijab.

The students also alleged that Mohammad Anees is deliberately failing Hindu students and promoting religious activities like Namaaz in the college. Protests are being held by Bajrang Dal activists in which the students demanded strict action against the professor. Professor Anees denied the allegations and said that he was being deliberately targeted.

According to sources, Professor Anees, who has been teaching as a guest faculty at Vikram University for the last 13 years, said, “I cannot intentionally give bad grades to any student, including Ojas Gupta, because examiners come from outside and take viva. When it comes to checking papers, being a guest faculty, I cannot check the papers and they go for evaluation outside the university moreover, if a student does not come to class for six months, how can you give them good grades?”

Users have shared various reactions after watching the viral video on social media. A user wrote, ‘He should be jailed for disturbing the religious atmosphere and jailed for sending love jihad type romantic shayari with the intention to potentially trap them.’

Another user writes, ‘ same in the corporate world, if you see a Mulla HR, he or she will most likely hire a Katuwa and they will get better pay then others for the same post.’

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