Hindu activists enter OYO hotel and catch a married Muslim guy sleeping with Hindu girl

Instances of alleged “love jihad” continue to be reported regularly, raising concerns in society. Despite the ongoing awareness, some Hindu girls are still getting involved in such cases. One such video is becoming quite viral on social media which is similar to Love Jihad.

This case pertains to Kotdwar in Uttarakhand, in which a ruckus was created when a Muslim youth was caught in a hotel with a girl. It is alleged that the hotel room was booked in the name of the girl and the boy gave his inaccurate name to enter the hotel. Both the young man and the woman are residents of the Dugadda area.

It is alleged that the girl showed her Aadhaar card as an ID card to book a room in the hotel. Shortly after booking the room, the accused youth reached to meet the girl. The Muslim youth gave his fake name to the hotel staff to enter the room. When Hindu organizations came to know about this matter, there was an uproar. The workers of the Hindu organization reached the spot before the police. Fiercely assaulted the accused youth. Whose video has also surfaced? In the video, first, a person assaults the accused, and then many people are thrashing together.

It is being told that the accused Muslim youth is already married. Still, he is taking advantage of a Hindu girl by hiding the truth. This whole matter is of the Dugadda area. Where a girl took a room in a hotel located on Najibabad Road by showing her Aadhaar card. After some time, a Muslim youth reached the hotel to meet the girl. When the hotel staff asked the name of the young man, he told them his wrong name and went to the room.

The matter came to light when a young man in the hotel itself recognized the accused. He informed the whole matter to the people associated with Hindu organizations. After some time, the youth belonging to Hindu organizations reached the hotel and thrashed the young man fiercely. The accused is also seen apologizing

The police took the young man and woman to the police station and informed the family members about the matter. The relatives of the girl who reached the police station, talking about not taking action, asked to convince their daughter.

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