He was hungry and asking for food, water- but he was allegedly lynched?

India’s diversity reflects its rich tapestry of religions, castes, and languages, showcasing its commitment to secularism. However, despite this diversity, there are still instances of injustice and lack of social justice, as exemplified by the recent tragic death of a 12-year-old tribal boy in Borochara village, West Bengal. Despite his hunger and pleas for food and water, he reportedly fell victim to a brutal lynching.

The boy was brutally attacked because a local Trinamool Congress leader had allegedly instigated the mob to teach the boy a ‘lesson’. Subha Nayek, a member of the Lodha Shabar community and a resident of Borochara village in Sabang, was tied to a tree and tortured for allegedly stealing food as he was dying of hunger.

The incident took place on Wednesday, September 27, when the owner of a local food stall left his post for a while. On his return, he found the food items missing and raised an alarm accusing someone of theft. Nearby residents also reported that an aluminum vessel used to feed cattle had also gone missing, raising suspicion on Subha Nayak, who was sitting near his hut opposite the shop.

A group of people break into Nayak’s house and search everything to confirm that he has not stolen anything. They left him. However, the situation changed after local Trinamool Congress leader Manoranjan Mal arrived at the scene. He reportedly incited agitated locals to take matters into their own hands and teach the suspect a lesson.

According to online sources, he was taken to a salon at Borochahara bus stand where he was shaved, tied to a tree, and brutally beaten. Later, Subha was dumped at her home where he was found dead on Wednesday morning. The brutal death has sparked an uproar across Bengal and Trinamool’s rivals have questioned the ruling party’s claim of protecting tribals.

After the incident came to light on Wednesday, Subha’s 29-year-old elder brother Parameshwara lodged a murder complaint against eight Trinamool leaders and supporters at Sabang police station.

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