Sridevi never wanted Janhvi Kapoor to be actress, she wanted her to marry: Boney Kapoor

Sridevi never wanted her daughter Janhvi Kapoor to become an actress, She wanted her to get married. This is Boney Kapoor’s own words, which he said in a recent interview. Janhvi Kapoor, also known by her mother’s name, has become a prestigious and successful actress in Bollywood. But according to Boney Kapoor, his wife Sridevi never wanted their daughter to become an actress.

Producer Boney Kapoor had said in the interview, “She never wanted any of her daughters to become an actor.” She was imagining that they would get married. Whenever we used to go to someone’s wedding, we used to think that we would do Janhvi’s wedding like this. Find such a boy. She wanted Janhvi to find a good boy.” Boney recalled, “we never thought that they would become an actress.

Further in the interview, ‘As she grew up, one day we thought she would become doctor, another day we thought she would become something else. Suddenly, one day she comes and tells her mother that she also wants to actress. We never thought that she would grow up to become an actress. We expected that Janhvi would become a doctor or something else. But then Janhvi’s first film ‘Dhadak’ was released. Boney Kapoor shared this message, saying, “I allowed her to become an actress, and she is moving on the path of acting. But I wish her to always be happy and always support her family.”

Janhvi Kapoor entered the film industry soon after the demise of her mother Sridevi in 2018. Since her debut, she has actively participated in several film projects, showcasing her talent in various roles. Her most recent appearance was in the film Bhediya opposite Varun Dhawan, where she received the prestigious Exceptional Performance Popular Choice (Female) award at the News 18 Shosha Reel Awards 2024.

Bold and beautiful Sridevi was once a big film star. She worked in many famous films in her career and the praise she received for her acting will always be remembered.

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