Congratulations: Tailor’s Son Gets The Highest Package At IIM-N, let’s praise him

There is no substitute for working hard for success and this young man from Kerala proves this point like no one else. We tend to take a lot of things in our life for granted including basic facilities and the educational opportunities. However, things weren’t always easy for this man who bagged the highest salary package at IIM- Nagpur.

This is the story of Justin Fernandez, a young boy from Kerala who belonged to the family of tailors. His grandfather was a tailor and his father continued the same but things took a turn for the worse after the advent of ready-made clothes. The demand for stitched clothes decreased and the annual family incomes of the Fernandez family went down to as low as 50,000. There wasn’t enough money for decent meals and hence education was a secondary struggle.

Justin knew that his only way out from this life of misery was education so he made the best of what was offered to him by his aunt who was no less than a saviour to him and his sister. She funded their education till high school after which Justin went on to study BTech from a Government College.

Source: India Wave

He worked for a software company for two years and prepared for IIMs side by side. He couldn’t get through IIM-Kozhikode in his first attempt so he decided to settle for IIM-Nagpur when he appeared for the second time.

Justin created history in the campus of IIM-N by bagging a package of 19 lakhs with a Hyderabad based firm. He has been offered the post of an associate director and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

Justin’s hard work and dedication show how every dream can be achieved despite obstacles in life. He is an inspiration to the youth of this country and teaches us to stop finding reasons for our failures. We can’t keep blaming things around us all the time. If you need to achieve something in life, work towards it with focus and you’ll see how nothing will come your way.