Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan talks about India-Pakistan relationship, catch full details

There has always been a tense relationship between India and Pakistan. Now, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has added fuel to the fire by describing the phase “sour relations with India” while he addressed the World Economic Forum 2020 at Davos. Imran Khan also said that straining ties have had a massive impact on trade relations too. He also defended Pakistan by saying that even today there is no terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also compared India with Nazi Germany following anti-CAA protests, adding that the “parallels are uncanny”.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum 2020, Khan said, “Howdy Modi doesn’t bother me; I understand the relationship between the US and India. India is a huge market. I am worried about the direction India is going in. If you read history and the rise of Nazi Germany, the parallels are uncanny.”

Imran Khan also launched a scathing attack on India for the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

“The jingoism has sprung up even more post Modi winning an election. There are already protests in India, there is bombing across the line of control. Things could get worse and they may do something to distract from that,” Khan said according to Times now.

Credits: News18 via Reuters Photo

Khan criticised India by saying, “I feel bad because it’s such a big country with such huge populations of minorities; from Muslims to Christians to Dalits. They are trying to change the demographics of Kashmir which is against the Geneva conventions.

This ideology of Hinduvta, The RSS ideology inspired by the Nazis who believed in racial superiority, and who believed in hatred against other religions. What’s happening in India is a disaster for the people of India, for the people of Kashmir, for India which was a secular and multi-cultural society.”

He went on to warn that two nuclear-armed countries cannot be in sensitive relations, citing tense relations between India and Pakistan since February 2019 in the wake of Pulwama terror attack that killed over 40 CRPF paramilitary troopers in Jammu and Kashmir.

“You cannot have two nuclear armed nations at such sensitive relations; this is why I asked for international overseers to come to the LOC. What happened in Pulwama, we asked for actionable intelligence. But the dossier arrived after their jets violated Pakistan’s airspace and bombed. We are not close to any conflict right now; I am looking ahead and that is why it is important that the UN, the US must act,” Khan added in a statement as per Timesnow.

While the Pakistan Army continues to breach ceasefire protocols along the Line of Control, Pakistan Prime Minister said he only wanted peace with India. “Pakistan wants to talk solutions to ending conflicts. I’ve always believed that the only way forward is via peace settlements. We want to mend our fences with Iran. We had some border issues with them. And then with India.”

“I am one Pakistani who has lots of friends in India. Because of the cricketing background and because of my relations there, I thought I was well placed to talk peace between our two countries. So when I immediately reached out to Narendra Modi, the reaction was very different.

The subcontinent hosts the highest number of poor people in the world and we could talk to reduce poverty and increase trade. I tried to talk but hit a brick wall. Then Pulwama happened, Indian soldiers were killed and I immediately told them to give us immediate actionable evidence and we would take action. Then the Air Force excursion happened; we captured their pilot. But then India unilaterally annexed Kashmir, revoked articles in their own constitution and since then it’s gone from bad to worse,” he added.

With inputs from Timesnow