Facebook Post helps Old Oxford Graduate Find Shelter in Delhi

According to Indian culture, parents are placed on par with Gods. The apt phrase, ‘Respect your parents, teachers and elders’ just sums up the whole nation’s philosophy. India is well known for its virtual importance of discipline and moral values, which we take pride in being an Indian.

It is heartbreaking to see people leaving their parents in the later stages of their career. Right from giving birth, they have unconditional love for their children which cannot be put it in across in words. They handle their kids with complete care and protection but what they get in return is a big question mark.

Raja Singh Pull (Credits: Avinash Singh Facebook)

The Plot:

There are some people who take care of their parents till their last breathe whereas some fail to do the same. In a recent incident that surfaced all over the social media platform, two sons abandoned their father named Raja Singh Phull. Phull is currently 76 years old Sikh man who is living in on the streets of Delhi.

Phull is reportedly believed to be a graduate of Oxford University. He did everything to make his life bright but instead, he was left with nothing in the later stages of his career and that’s a bitter fact. He has nobody who can take care of him in this elderly age as he is leading a life on his own. He found himself with a satisfactory roof over his head. With some well-wishers in his kitty, he told the world his story on Facebook.

Rewinding his life backwards, Raja Singh Phull said that he was living overseas in the 1960s when his brother forced him to bid adieu to his life there and return to his homeland. As per the potential inputs by NDTV, the brothers started to run a motor business in Mumbai, which collapsed after his brother’s death.

One of the Delhi residents named Avinash Singh bumped into Phull and came to know about his story. He then put all his emotions and shared it on Facebook in detail. He mentioned in his post that Phull was reluctant to beg for help but his health was deteriorating and he needed support.

In his post, Singh mentioned that Phull earns an unsettled life by sitting outside Visa Centres and helping applicants fill their forms. When Phull is running out of money or unable to make some, he is dependent on the langar at the Gurdwara, a place where a free meal is served to the visitors.

However, Phull has always set standards for himself that would never wish to beg for food or comfort. “I earn and buy my food. For Langar, I need to contribute. If I’m unable to, I have no right to eat there”, he said.

The post also threw light on Singh’s family where he has two sons. Since his wife’s death, neither his sons nor any relatives have reached out to him. As reported by NDTV, Singh’s Facebook post was updated on Friday, 20 April. It went widespread as the posts got 5,000 shares that prompted many people to offer a great deal of help to the old man.

How many times have we come across good deeds bring a positive impact to the people because of the social media sites? Phull’s life is saved because of the fb post that went viral. Phull who got help from the kind people has been shifted to an old-age home in Delhi.