DSP sahab was with his girlfriend, wife catches red-handed- what happened next?

A DSP from Basti district of Uttar Pradesh is rumored to be involved in a love affair. The DSP of Basti district was with his girlfriend at the government residence when his wife suddenly came and caught him red-handed. And the ruckus that happened after this has created a sensation in the whole area.

According to online reports, the DSP’s girlfriend is from Rajasthan, DSP had called his girlfriend to meet him in Basti from Rajasthan. While they were together, the DSP’s wife unexpectedly arrived with their daughter and, upon seeing her husband with another woman, became furious and brutally beat the girlfriend. Following this incident, the girlfriend filed a case at the Jaipur police station.

Allegations surfaced that, in addition to his wife, the DSP also allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, prompting her to file a case in Jaipur. The Jaipur Police transferred the case to Basti, but the SP transferred it to Siddharthnagar to ensure an impartial investigation. The accused CO was promptly replaced, with Rudhauli CO taking over Sadar Circle.

A high-profile investigation is underway after a gazetted female doctor from Rajasthan was caught in an affair with a DSP. On May 26, the DSP invited his girlfriend to his government residence in Basti. His wife unexpectedly arrived and, upon discovering them together, assaulted the girlfriend. To ensure impartiality, SP Siddharthnagar has been assigned to investigate the case, which is being overseen at the DGP level.

After receiving news of the incident, the police department was immediately abuzz with activity. Senior officials promptly voiced their disapproval of the DSP’s actions and swiftly initiated an investigation. The incident has sparked inquiries into the DSP’s operational approach, fueling widespread discussion on the matter. The scandal surrounding the DSP’s love affair has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting questions about ethics and conduct within the police force.

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