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There are countless products which are being sold in the market nowadays but not many make it to the best selling category. The ones with unique characteristic would go on to become a big hit in today’s world. In addition to that, making the most popular product of the year makes every investor happy too. In fact, every entrepreneur has an intent to produce and sell the best product of all time.

There are some number of products which dominate the market across the world. A review was also conducted by 24/7 Wall St. and the products which have the highest sales were also recorded. Let’s take a look at the list of the top ten selling products of all time.

Sony PlayStation

Credits: Forbes

Everyone knows about Sony PlayStation. It was first launched in 1995 by Sony in the United States. It was introduced with a 32-bit processor. A-total sales of 440 million units have been recorded until today.


Credits: IndiaMART

Lipitor was launched by Pfizer in 1997 and it is nothing but a medicine prescribed to patients with low or high cholesterol in order to protect them from the risk of heart-related ailments. So far, sales of about $141 billion have been recorded.

Toyota Corolla

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Toyota Corolla was launched for the first time in Japan in 1966 and the car became a massive success in the market owing to its reliability, low gas mileage and affordability.

A newly redesigned model was launched in 2014 and is known to have better gas mileage and a larger interior. Till date, more than 40.7 million units have been sold.

Star Wars

Credits: Facebook

The Star Wars has recorded maximum earnings of $7.5 billion. It should be noted that the movie “Gone with the Wind” brought more money than the Original movie of Star Wars but the trilogy garnered $2.4 billion.

Despite the fact that 20th Century Fox sold it to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion, it has rights over the original Star Wars.


Credits: Forbes

iPad is one of the two first Apple products on the list and it is still the best selling tablet. So far, Apple has sold more than 400 million iPads.



Technology has attained its vast growth exponentially in recent years. There is a lot of demand for the smartphone that chips in with advanced features. iPhone was first launched in the year 2007 by the Apple company.

So far, it has released as many as 12 generations of models and has become the best-selling smartphone in the world. Apple has sold more than 2 billion copies of different items till date.

Super Mario

Credits: Google

Super Mario is the most popular video game of all time. Even now, scores of people play this game for entertainment and save the princess.

The arcade game was launched in the year 1981 by Donkey Kong which was later expanded into franchise Mario Bros. So far, a copy of 262 million has been sold over the years.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Credits: YouTube

Sometimes we run short of adjectives and superlatives to describe the King of pop in one word. Among all of his star albums, Thriller was arguably the best one.

It was the best seller album and was also awarded in the MTV generation. It has been said that over 70 million copies have been sold.

Harry Potter

Credits: BGR

Harry Potter- scripted by J.K Rowling is a fantasy novel and has been translated into 73 languages of the world. The story of the young British wizard has also become the best book in the world.

Over 450 million copies have been made worldwide and the earning by the movies scaled up to $ 7.7 billion.

Rubik’s Cube

Credits: YouTube

Rubik’s cube was created by the professor of architecture Erno Rubik and it has by far been the best-selling toy so far. The cube was designed by him while teaching his students about three-dimensional geometry.

There are many tutorials on YouTube channels on how to solve the cube. Be it 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5, there are different solutions to solve the cube. So far, more than 350 million cubes have been sold.