One idea of a poor barber made him a multi Billionaire- He has 200 luxury cars today

Success has no shortcuts. There are only very few entrepreneurs who started with nothing and ended up unlocking greatest ever achievement. This goes to show that only an impeccable hard work, day in and day out, is the route map to success. Everyone dreams to touch the pinnacle of success.

There is no one who wants to lead a moderate life. Though we all dream of being successful, very few of them would get to taste immense success. Above all, one should need the much-needed motivation to rejuvenate one’s lost self esteem. Strong people are the ones who regain the lost confidence and approach at life with optimism, a stepping stone to success.

Ramesh Babu (Credits: YourStory)

Inspirational Story:

This is the life story of Ramesh Babu, who has done something great which others can only dream of. He had the vision to unlock great achievements and who would believe that a simple barber would become a multi billionaire? Yes, you read it right! From leading a barber’s life to enjoying a lavish life, Ramesh Babu attained a meteoric rise in his career and it has been a fantastic journey for him.

Ramesh Babu has carved out a reputation for himself as a successful person. An iconic personality inspired all of us so much so that people love to follow his suit. Everything started when Ramesh Babu bought a Maruti Van with the little savings that he managed to secure in 1994. But, he had other ideas that kept knocking his mind.

By 2004, he got into an inexperienced car rental business spicing it up with seven regular cars. The business went smoothly for so long that in 2014 his progress saw him having a fleet of 200 luxurious cars. What really presses the case is the fact that, as many as 75 sumptuous cars appeared in the big picture. Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, five and ten seater luxury vans and, his royal beast phantom, Rolls Royce.

Ramesh Babu (Credits: The Better India)

Talking about building a successful business, he said, “From 1994 onward I seriously got into the car rental business. The first company I rented it out to was Intel because that’s where Nandini Akka was working and she helped arrange it. Gradually, I started adding more cars to the fleet. Till 2004, I only had about five to six cars.

I was focused on getting the saloon business off the ground, so this was not my priority. The business was not doing well as the competition at this level was intense. Everyone had small cars. I thought of getting into luxury cars because that is something that no one else was doing,” he quoted.

Ramesh Babu who channelised the impetus in the right way, spoke about how he took risks in his career. “When I was buying my first luxury car, in 2004, everyone told me that I was making a big mistake. Forty lakhs in 2004 for a car, even a luxury car, was a very big deal. I was extremely apprehensive but simply had to take the chance.

I told myself that I would sell off the car if worse came to worst. Fortunately for me, the risk paid off remarkably. No other car rental service had luxury cars of this stature. There were ones who had purchased second-hand models and the conditions of those cars were far from pristine. I was the first person in Bangalore to invest in a brand new luxury car and it did very well,” he added.

The journey he set off once in 1994, taking risks, is now bearing fruits. He is a multi billionaire today. And living an opulent life.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.