UPSC aspirant commits suicide after getting constant rape threats from a girl

A tragic incident has surfaced recently involving the suicide of a student who was preparing for the UPSC exam. The student took this extreme step due to the unbearable harassment from a neighbor. In a poignant suicide note, the deceased openly expressed the troubles and harassment he was facing explicitly naming the accused.

The deceased has been identified as Chandrashekhar, who was a UPSC student and was preparing for a job. His family’s financial condition was not so good, he had even come to Indore for coaching by mortgaging his house. He was preparing for a job so that he could support his family. But his neighbor Dr. Shivani harassed him so much that he was forced to commit suicide. There is a demand for strict action against Shivani.

Chandrashekhar states in his suicide note that he’s taking this step out of sheer desperation. He’s exhausted from endless court battles and the torment inflicted by his neighbors. Specifically, Dr. Shivani’s fake accusations have shattered his dreams. He had mortgaged his house to pursue UPSC coaching in Indore for the sake of his family, but her actions sabotaged his plans, so he committed suicide.

He further writes, “Shivani threatens me to sell the house and leave the locality otherwise she will trap me in a fake case and send me to jail. Even if I approach the police, they refuse to file a case, my family condition is not so good that I can spend money on court cases. After facing so much harassment from neighbors, I cannot live with so much fear, my desire to live has ended.”

Women’s empowerment is often misused for personal gain, neglecting its true essence of fostering freedom, independence, and equality. Dr. Shivani’s unjust actions against her neighbor, Chandrashekhar. She hindered his education and self-reliance by filing false cases against him. Such actions harm women’s empowerment and have a deep impact on society.

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